Spiritual Wellness

Spiritual Wellness

9 Episodes

Skylight is a movement for your spiritual wellness. Learn how a few minutes every day can help you tap into the innate power of your soul, creating a happier, more resilient you.

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Spiritual Wellness
  • Discover Awe

    Episode 1

    Explore the world around you with all of it's beauty.

  • Pic Me

    Episode 2

    A few quick pics can bring beauty to your soul.

  • Time Capsule

    Episode 3

    Write a letter to your past that can change the present.

  • Tune Your Friendship

    Episode 4

    Let music feed your friendship in a very unexpected way.

  • Open Hand

    Episode 5

    A simple hand exercise to help open your mind and spirit.

  • Different Backgrounds

    Episode 6

    Learn how to see eye to eye with a person with a different background than yourself.

  • Gratitude Snap

    Episode 7

    Express your gratitude for life using the camera on your smartphone device.

  • Grateful 5

    Episode 8

    Take a moment to thank God for 5 simple things in your life.

  • Soundscape

    Episode 9

    Hear that? It's the natural world around you in all its color.