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Life Crunch

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Every day our families our bombarded with news and information. How do we determine what stories are relevant to the lives of our families, and more importantly how do broach these conversations with our kids? Enter Life Crunch, a weekly video series where host Trey Warner discusses news stories your kids are already thinking about into ideas you can talk through together.

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Life Crunch
  • Sexual Harassment, North Korea and Slang Your Kids Use

    Episode 1

    What would you do if your child came and asked you about Harvey Weinstein or the threat of North Korea? In this episode, Trey Warner gives you talking points to broach these difficult conversations.

  • Body Image and Social Media

    Episode 2

    How is your child's self-worth being influenced by pop culture and social media? In this episode, Trey Warner gives you ideas to break the ice and talk about body image. Plus, everyone's favorite game: Trey Explains Movie Plots Badly.

  • What You Should Know About the Opioid Epidemic

    Episode 3

    Buckle up as Trey dives into the nationwide opioid addiction and provides ideas on how you can protect your family from the epidemic.

  • Internet Trolls

    Episode 4

    Have your kids been the victims of online trolling? Trey discusses this dangerous subculture and how you can help protect your children online.

  • Digital Addiction

    Episode 5

    Is your family spending too much time on their devices? Worried they might actually be addicted? Trey shares the science behind it and offers some tips to manage their digital diets.

  • Diversity and Racial Representation in Hollywood

    Episode 6

    Your kids have seen Black Panther and Coco. But do they understand why they’re important?

  • Family Finance and Digital Marketplaces

    Episode 7

    Beanie Babies, college tuition, and online shopping. How will you teach your kids about money?

  • Fake News

    Episode 8

    False. Counterfeit. Fraudulent. Phony. Any way you say it, it’s fake news.

  • Safety in Schools

    Episode 9

    Chances are your kids are going to worry about's how you can lead the discussion.

  • Talking to Your Kids for Success

    Episode 10

    Words. Words. Words. Learning what to say to enable your kids to be successful as they mature into adulthood.

  • Personal Responsibility

    Episode 11

    Taking responsibility can be hard, especially when passing the blame (and faking a coma) is so much easier.

  • Over-scheduled Kids

    Episode 12

    How busy is too busy for our kids? In this episode we discuss the pressures and stress that comes from over-scheduled kids.

  • Syria
    Episode 13


    Episode 13

    Tackling complex issues with our kids is tough. In this episode we talk about the difficult circumstances being faced in Syria.

  • Youth Sports and Parents Behaving Badly

    Episode 14

    Don’t forget…it’s youth league not the major league. How parents are getting out of control in youth sporting events.

  • Vaping
    Episode 15


    Episode 15

    Heavy metals aren’t just in your old music collection anymore. In this episode we explore the dangers of vaping and how it's having serious consequences for today's teens.

  • Sports Injuries

    Episode 16

    ‘Walk it off’ might not be the best approach. How sports injuries are having a serious impact on the physical development of our kids.

  • Diplomacy

    Episode 17

    On again. Off again. On gain? With all the turmoil in the world today how does the government flex their diplomatic muscles.

  • Independence Day

    Episode 18

    Food, fireworks and freedom. Independence Day is almost here!

  • FOMO
    Episode 19


    Episode 19

    Happy hour. Yoga in the park. Beach vacay. What are you missing? And what aren’t you?