Happy Hazel

Happy Hazel

7 Episodes

As one of YouTube’s most popular creators, @IAmHappyHazel is always on, and always ready to make someone happy. But when the camera is off, Hazel Rybicki (Sabrina Haskett) is becoming a stranger in her own life. As she falls for the one guy who has never heard of her, the aspiring chef and anti-oversharing Keith from Ohio (Zach Tinker), can Hazel find herself again or will Keith only make things more complicated?

Happy Hazel
  • My Not-So-Happy Life

    Episode 1

    A YouTuber with 11 million subscribers and three billion views, it appears Happy Hazel knows how to make everyone happy. Well, everyone except for Hazel.

  • My Crazy Mom

    Episode 2

    Hazel is hounded by her awkward family, ruining her brother's graduation party. She returns to Keith's burger joint to confront him, causing a scene in the process. Featuring Denise Richards!

  • Our First Date

    Episode 3

    The only person who's never heard of Hazel is the one she wants to impress the most. Hazel and Keith go on their first date.

  • Yes...YouTube is My Job

    Episode 4

    Hazel surprises Keith with an impossible cooking challenge. But Keith has a few surprises up his sleeve too.

  • My Malibu Melodrama

    Episode 5

    Hazel attempts to give life advice to her YouTube fans, and gets some unexpected motherly counsel herself. Keith finally visits Hazel’s Malibu pad. Featuring Denise Richards!

  • I Didn't Expect His Reaction

    Episode 6

    Hazel plans a big surprise for Keith, but she’s the one left shocked.

  • How to Break a YouTuber

    Episode 7

    After the disastrous date with Keith and a dramatic encounter with Penny, Hazel makes the biggest decision of her life.